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	Black Star Chords by Radiohead, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 12:14:17 -0500
From: Jason Matthew Knott 
Subject: CRD:r/radiohead/black_star

Black Star by Radiohead from the album The Bends (1995)
Chords by Jason Knott

Intro (Fade in)
D-G/B-Cadd9-G/B-A repeats

Verse Chords are G-C-G/B-Em
I get home from work and you're still standing in your dressing gown...
C				D
What are we coming to?  What are we gonna do?

(D)			Am	G/B C       D
Blame it on your black star
(D)			Am    G/B C       D
Blame it on your falling sky
(D)			G	C	G
Blame it on your satellite 
C			D	
That brings me home

Verse 2 (Troubled thoughts and troubled mind...)
After 2nd chorus play intro figure
3rd verse (I just stay in the back of the train...) only play bassline
play chorus again
then intro with vocal (too late..this is killing me)
end on A.