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	Faithless The Wonder Boy Chords by Radiohead, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

artist: radiohead
song: Faithless, the Wonder Boy
album: n/a
tabbed by: cliff mccarten (

this is an awesome radiohead b-side, unreleased and the whole deal.
if you haven't heard it, download it! the song rules!

D              G           a     D
I've had these jeans since i was born

D               G          a           D
And now they're ripped And now they're torn

D          G            a    Em      G
And all my friends have skateboards

D          G       a     D
I want the toys of other boys

D        G           a       D
I want a knife and a gun and thing

D           G        a        Em   G   (throw in tons of gain on the Em)
But mum and dad will not give in

      Bm            a
And I can't put the needle in

G             F#
Can't put the needle in

Em                         G
i can't put the needle in

(rpt chorus)

And now i know just what it is
It's called disease and it's got my head
It always runs where i hide
Too scared to talk too scared to try
Too scared to know the reasons why
and all my friends say Bye Bye

(rpt chorus x2)
solo (D G a D, Em G played underneath)
(rpt chorus x2 with vocals, then endlessly with guitar)