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	Band: Radiohead
Song: Last Flowers 'Til Hospital
Guitarist: Thom Yorke
Tabber: Ricardo Pereda
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ok, i think this song is played using a capo on the third fret probably, but since
i dont have one i cant really tell...still sounds good to me without it.
e --------------------------------------------------------------0-----
b -1------1-------1-------1--------1-------1------1-------1----1--1---
g ----2-------2-------2-------2--------0------0------0--------0----0--
d -----------------------------------------------------------2--------
a --0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0(3)--3--3---3--3---3---3---3---------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------

e --------------------------------4-------4-------4--------6-------|
b -0-------0------0-------0-----------6-------6-------6--------8---|
g ----0-------0------0-------0-------------------------------------|
d ----------------------------------3---3---3---3---3---3/---5---5-|
a --2---2---2---2---2--2----2--2-----------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------|

thats pretty much for the intro, after last part restart from Am and do the whole
thing and uve got the VERSE.

i wont type the strummin pattern on the chorus, its pretty simple- u can get the
timing by listening to the song.

1st Chorus:

  Dm    Am     Gm  F  C  E____
e -1--1--------0---1--0--0----|
b -3--3--1-3-1-0---1--1--0----|
g -2--0--2-2-2-0---2--0--0----|
d -0--0--2-2-2-0---3--2--2----|
a -0--2--0-0-0-2---3--3--2----|
E -------------3---1----------|

--- back to verse again, then:

2nd Chorus:

  Dm    Am     Gm  F  C  E
e -1--1--------0---1--0--0----|
b -3--3--1-3-1-0---1--1--0----|
g -2--0--2-2-2-0---2--0--0----|
d -0--0--2-2-2-0---3--2--2----|
a -0--2--0-0-0-2---3--3--2----|
E -------------3---1----------|

on the last one before the outro he switches to sumthin like this:

  Dm    Am     Gm  A____
e -1--1--------0---0--0--|
b -3--3--1-3-1-0---2--3--|
g -2--0--2-2-2-0---2--2--|
d -0--0--2-2-2-0---2--2--|
a -0--2--0-0-0-2---0--0--|
E -------------3---------|

then, to the outro:

   C  E  A___________
e -0--0-----------------|
b -1--0--2-3------------|
g -0--0--2-2------------|
d -2--2--2-2------------|
a -3--2--0-0------------|
E ----------------------|

absolutely amazing song, when u think thom might be running out of ideas, u get
something as beautiful and simple as this.

******Thom Yorke For Emperor Of The Galaxy******