12 de febrero de 2015


Philip Selway pasó por el Brudenell Social Club de Leeds presentando Weatherhouse.


  1. Miles Away
  2. By Some Miracle
  3. Around Again
  4. The Ties that Bind Us
  5. Don’t Go Now
  6. Drawn To the Light
  7. A Simple Life
  8. Running Blind
  9. Ghosts
  10. Coming up For Air
  11. Patron Saint
  12. Turning it Inside Out
  13. All Eyes on You
  14. Waiting for a Sign
  15. Beyond Reason
  16. It Will End in Tears
  17. Broken Promises
  18. Let it Go

Phil Selway (and band) "It Will End In Tears"

Phil Selway (and band) "By Some Miracle"

Phil Selway (and band) "All Eyes On You"

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