Royal Theatre Carre, Amsterdam [Thom & Nigel]

Thom Yorke y Nigel Godrich continuan su mini travesía a través de Europa, junto a Tarik Barri en visuales y Oliver Coates en la apertura.


  1. Interference
  2. A Brain in a Bottle
  3. Impossible Knots
  4. Black Swan
  5. I am a very Rude Person
  6. Pink Section
  7. Nose Grows Some
  8. Cymbal Rush
  9. The Clock
  10. Two Feet off the Ground
  11. Amok
  12. Not the News
  13. Truth Ray
  14. Traffic
  15. Twist
  16. The Axe
  17. Atoms for Peace
  18. Default
  19. Spectre

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