25 de junio de 2022

La Magnifique Society, Francia (The Smile)

The Smile retomó la gira europea en promoción de A Light for Attracting Attention en el festival La Magnifique Society de Reims, Francia, luego de una semana de descanso.


  1. The Same
  2. Thin Thing
  3. The Opposite
  4. Free in the Knowledge
  5. A Hairdryer
  6. Waving a White Flag
  7. Colours Fly
  8. We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
  9. Skrting on the Surface
  10. Open the Floodgates
  11. Bodies Laughing
  12. The Smoke
  13. You Will Never Work in Television Aagain
  14. Pana-vision
  15. Just Eyes and Mouth
  16. Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses
30 minutos del show

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